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Command™ Large Universal Picture Hanger Metal 1pk - 17047

  • 3M ID XA006714902

Damage-Free Hanging

Weight Capacity: 2.2 kg

Size: Large

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  • Damage-Free Hanging
  • Weight Capacity: 2.2 kg
  • Size: Large
  • Colour: Metal
  • Package Contents: 1 hanger, 2 strips, 2 sets of Mini Strips
  • Holds strongly and removes cleanly
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Works on a variety of surfaces

Command™ Damage-Free Hanging, Holds Strongly, Removes Cleanly.

Command™ Picture Hangers, Hooks and Clips make decorating quick and easy. Command™ Sawtooth Picture Hangers are designed for sawtooth, D-ring and keyhole hanging frames, Command™ Wire-back Picture Hangers and are perfect for wire-suspended frames. Command™ Universal Picture Hangers and Command™ Jumbo Universal Picture Hangers work for all kinds of frames including wire-suspended,sawtooth, D-ring and keyhole hanging frames. For unframed or laminated photos and artwork, use Command™ Picture Clips. Contains 1 hanger, 2 strips. Holds up to 2.2kgs.