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Wall Rangoli with Command

This Ganesh Chaturthi, get together with your family and bring Ganesha home with Command’s Wall Rangoli.

Follow these simple steps to make your own Ganesha Wall Rangoli using Command:
You will need : 1 pack of Command Décor Clips
LED String lights/Fairy lights (length depends on the size of Wall Rangoli you are making)
1.Identify a space on the wall inside your home, and wipe it with an alcohol based solution
2.Make 20 small dots on the wall as shown below:

3.Place 1 “Command Decor Clip” on each dot using the Command Clear Strips included in the pack
4.Fasten your Fairy Lights onto the Decor Clips and connect the dots to create your own Ganesha as shown below

5.Switch off/ dim down the lights in the room to see the magic - Your DIY Ganesha Wall Rangoli with Command is ready!

6.When you decide to remove Command’s Wall Rangoli, simple unwind the Fairy lights, use the Stretch-Release Mechanism to remove the Décor Clips and get going with a wall as good as new!
Yes, it's as simple as that. Decorating your home and celebrating important occasions with your family make any occasion festive, and now with the Command Range of Products, there are no left-over tape or nail marks from the decorations. It is even possible to make different designs using 20 dots in different patterns and connecting them with Flower Garlands, LED lights or other lightweight decorations.
Try your own Command Wall Rangoli with your family and children TODAY and share your pictures with us [Upload the image on Facebook or Instagram with Public Settings, tag Command (IN) Facebook page and use #CommandWallRangoli #GaneshChaturthiWithCommand]. Visit this link to purchase Command Décor Clips : https://amzn.to/2nM2aFC